HEEFS 250EU Funds for HE has been established by Martin McCauley and Joanne Holt. Colleagues in HEIs may know Joanne and Martin from their 20 years working for the HE Sector. Initially as the HEESF Unit (1991 to 2008) they supported 133 Institutions to deliver 1750 ESF projects worth over £200m. ESF projects involved a range of activities including widening participation; delivery of post graduate training; business and community engagement; curriculum development and research. From 2009 to 2011 they worked for HEEFS (Higher Education European Funding Services) offering information, advice and support to UK HEIs on more than 20 EU funding Programmes. HEEFS engaged with more than 150 HEIs; visited more than 30; and hosted events attended by 200 delegates from 75 HEIs. Joanne and Martin worked directly with colleagues from 12 Institutions to map opportunities, develop projects and submit applications.

A growing number of UK HEIs are looking to develop projects using EU funding but find it difficult to get started. Barriers to their participation include, for instance, low levels of knowledge; lack of internal expertise and limited access to external support. The remit of HEEFS was to provide information, advice and support to HEIs wishing to participate in these Programmes. In July 2011, as part of the legacy arrangements for HEEFS it was decided that the information role should be provided for within the UK HE Sector. Joanne and Martin decided that they would continue the advice and support services they previously offered at HEEFS by working with Institutions on a freelance basis.

We learned a lot working for HEEFS. We engaged in a variety of ways with more than 150 Institutions and through that work we identified a range of services that Institutions required at different stages of their interest and involvement in the EU Programmes we cover. The services we offer as EU Funds for HE, therefore, support Institutions along the path to involvement in these Programmes. We work with colleagues in HEIs to build Institutional capacity for participation. Our services are designed so that they can be tailored to the needs of individual HEIs. They range, for instance, from mapping exercises whereby we work with an Institution to identify EU funding opportunities appropriate to key areas of its corporate plan or internationalisation strategy, to bid writing and application support for individual academics and teams.

Our services include:

Strategy Mapping

Whereby we work with Institutions to analyse corporate plans/institutional and internationalisation strategies in order to map priorities against EU Funding opportunities

Opportunity Mapping

Whereby we work with individuals and teams of HE colleagues to develop project ideas and identify potential sources of EU Funding

Staff Development

We visit HEIs to deliver workshops and seminars for colleagues interested in developing proposals. We highlight opportunities and provide advice and support on project development and application preparation. Martin also organises events to help colleagues prepare for Programme application rounds

Bid writing and Application Support

We assist with all aspects of application preparation, from initial project idea to submission. We help, for instance, with bid writing; managing the application process; ensuring selection criteria are adequately addressed and ensuring eligibility in terms of the technical and financial requirements

Project Evaluation

All EU Programmes have a requirement for evaluation to be built into projects. We provide an external evaluation service, whereby we agree an evaluation framework with project partners and deliver interim and final evaluation reports.

Short Term Contract Work

We offer our services on a freelance basis which enables us to work for HEIs to deliver specific activities on short term contracts.


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