Report of the 4rd semester in Hungary

b-innovative hungaryThe 4rd semester of the B-Innovative project took place at the Kecskeméti College, in Kecskemét. The semester was disseminated into six dates with eight lectures. The Student Council of the College and the Alumni office of the College informed the students about the B-innovative project.

Totally 60 participants registered to the 4rd semester. The participation during the semester was varied. The Kecskeméti College ensured four lecturers for the semester, and the other part of the lecturers were from local businesses.

Below you can see the list of the lecturers and their topics:hungary2
1. Company formation – Attila Horváth
2. Defining the market – Dr. Ákos Tóth
3. Business concept and vision – Dr. Tibor Ferency
4. Building a team – Gábor Balogh
5. Competitor analysis– József Balogh
6. Developing of products and services – Dr. István Molnár
7. Raising Investments – Gyula Pomázi
8. Costing and pricing – Dr. Virág Lajtai