The fourth cohort of the Polish edition of the B-Innovative seminars closed all of the sessions planned in the project documents for two years. Therefore there comes a time to summarise the project guidelines implementation.

Each and every cohort was different, even though the formula and topics were the same. Groups of participants were involved in many different ways. Various approaches of how to explain the main idea of the cohort, characterized the presentations by the lecturers from different sectors: business, education, governmental institutions etc. Watch the films of the four cohorts, compare them in terms of different elements, and never get bored.

The fourth cohort gathered the largest number of participants (93 registered on-line, on average 39 trainees per 1 day of four). This group showed a remarkable commitment, which was reflected by a large number of participants in the business plan competition (10 competitors).

The process of recruitment of the speakers remained unchanged comparing to the former editions. In the survey conducted after every seminar, they were evaluated differently by each participant. Great competence in the sector which the lecturer is specialized in is not always connected with high speaking skills.

On May 30, 2014 the last of the B-Innovative business plan competitions was held. The board of experts chose 8 from 10 successful applications. The 8 of them presented their innovative entrepreneurial ideas during non public auditions.
The three best young entrepreneurs were awarded by prizes.

Paraphrasing the Bob Dylan’s lyrics “Just remember, the death is not the end”, the organisers truly believe that despite the fact the last cohort came to an end, the B-Innovative project supporters in Poland have not finished their adventure with business.

B-Innovative 4th Cohort in Facts and Figures:
1.    8 seminars, 4 days with 2 topics per day (1 hour each seminar) delivered to 157 participants
2.    8 lecturers, including 7 which are new;
3.    Spring 2014 (dates: 15.04.2014, 24.04.2014, 29.04.2014, 06.05.2014);
4.    Attendance 1st day – 52; 2nd day – 34; 3rd day – 36; 4th day – 35 (towards to 93 participants registered on-line);
5.    8 recorded films, available to the registered participants on the B-Innovative project extranet website soon after the end of each learning days.