End of the B-innovative Project

After three successfulDSC 5173 klein years the B-innovative project is coming to its end this month. The partners are very proud of having introduced more than 700 participants into the basics of starting a business. The University of Bedfordshire conducted five cohorts, all other partners implemented four cohorts each of whom undertook eight modules ranging from “Business idea” to “Raising investments”.

At the heart of the project was a partnership approach to ensure that best practice was shared and that lessons learnt in one member state were passed onto another, so that the programme continuously adapted to meet the needs of the participants. The partners used a website and LinkedIn groups to provide European opportunities to delegates and their business ideas whether this was mentoring or simply sharing experiences.

The positive reaction of the speakers and the participants demonstrated the effort  individual  partners have made. Wayne Cartmel, winner of the fifth cohort at the University of Bedfordshire, puts it in a nutshell what B-innovative was for most of the participants: “Having a degree in Business didn’t give me enough confidence to start my own business. B-innovative did! The programme enabled me to develop skills I need to pursue my business idea. Sessions were well structured, with excellent speakers and industry experts, who covered topics from finance through to marketing and management.”

On September, 4th, 2014, B-innovative partners presented and promoted the programme at the International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference 2014 in Newcastle. The audience was very much interested in the challenges the different countries met during the project and the lessons learnt in the process. The participants were eager to share their knowledge about education with the B-innovative partners present. The discussions following the presentation were very fruitful and instructive for everybody.

This conference has encouraged the partners to further pursue the idea of B-innovative. Partners are now considering whether to start a new project or further develop the programme on their own. What is sure though is that B-innovative was a full success!